AlGourmet | Halal (الحلال) Ready to Eat Meals  

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Imagine this – you are tired of being stuck in a monotonous cycle of eating, sleeping, and working. You are especially tired of this monotonous routine because it now appears to be a vicious cycle that doesn’t seem to come to an end. You decide that you deserve a well-deserved break, far away from all the boring, everyday life things. You seek out adventure, seek new places to visit and find new cuisines that pique your interest.

And thus begins your journey, to find that perfect vacation spot. Endless hours of efforts are put into this mammoth task. And finally, you have your Eureka moment. You find yourself the most beautiful place to visit, book your tickets and eventually embark on a transportation medium that will take you to your city of dreams.

For most people, this figment of imagination may be a reality. For others, well, they may actually travel to exotic places only to find themselves drowning in a love-hate relationship with work.

Despite your situation, you reach your destination safe and sound. All is well, until it comes to finding food. If you are a part of the Muslim-majority, then you might be well-aware of a few difficulties that may come along your way while searching for Halal products.

Finding Halal products is not a matter of concern in countries which are populated with a sizeable number of Muslim individuals. In recent times however, Muslim travellers are now looking beyond Muslim-majority countries to satisfy their wanderlust while sticking to their religious obligations. With increasing affluence and easy access to flights, these travellers are making their presence felt in countries such as China, Thailand and South Korea, apart from traditional favourites Malaysia and Indonesia.

We at Al Gourmet identify the lack of ease in availability of Halal products in several countries. Food should not be an issue because of which Muslim travellers have to compromise on their selection of countries to travel. In an attempt to provide Muslim travellers with exciting food options while respecting their religious obligations, we at Al Gourmet present to you world’s first halal ready-to-eat meals (MRE’s). Prepared with 100% Halal meats, premium quality rice, and fresh herbs and spices, Al Gourmet MRE’s do not only provide you with the opportunity to conform to your religious obligations. We also provide you with the opportunity to have delicious, healthy, and nutritious food while on-the-go.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to your favourite destination without any hesitation! Happy travelling, and most importantly – Happy Eating!