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Halal and Healthy !

Halal and Healthy !

With Muslim majority settling down across the world, Halal dietary guidelines are gaining increasing importance. Halal dietary guidelines are now being recognized all across the globe. Nearly every food manufacturing organization is picking up on these guidelines and incorporating them into their production process in order to serve a wider range of people.

We at AlGourmet also identify Halal values and prepare our dishes in a way which would help Muslim majority meet their religious obligations. Our food consists of no MSG, which is a flavor enhancer commonly used in Chinese food, canned food, and processed meats. We also prepare our food with low general salt. Some of our meals are also prepared using olive oil, the health benefits of which are known worldwide. We use no artificial food coloring or preservatives and our food, thus making our food natural and wholesome.


Here's how we get it done!

The products are hot filled in laminated multi-layered aluminium foil pouches, able to withstand thermal processing temperature in excess of 100 °C at the specified pressure required for sterilization. The entire sterilization process is monitored continuously with state-of-the-art computerized systems which provide data of complete and effective sterilization. With modern technology, who needs preservatives!


We take great pride in saying that our food is 100% #Halal with no compromise in taste.